Design Featured on Social Media Examiner

Last week we heard from Justin Levy that was listed on Social Media Examiner as one of the top 10 business blogs and why they are successful. We are so proud that one of our clients’ websites were listed and even more exciting, one of the reasons Social Media Examiner rates it in the top 10 (besides the great writing and staff) is due to the design.

In addition, to set their blog apart from the rest, they use distinct visual branding with their logo and images. Plus, their visual branding is memorable—another surefire sign of a successful blog. In addition to their branding, notice below how the content and topics are all about the target audience’s needs. This is key when creating a blog that’s bigger than your own brand.

We are so excited for Citrix and Workshifting, they have put a lot of effort into the project and it is definitely paying off as one of the best business blogs. Connect with them, they offer huge value for companies large and small. For the full article you can find it here.

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