Staying Cutting Edge

Staying cutting edge and breaking the norm is the bloodline of New Marketing Labs, a premier digital marketing, strategy planning and social community engagement firm. Coffee House Ideas was tasked with designing an updated logo and website to better display and explain how New Marketing Labs helps their clients move the needle. New Marketing Labs was started by Chris Brogan and friends with an aggressive approach of doing marketing differently, they wanted a website that exhibited the passion for excellence and human interaction through marketing.

Our goal was first to establish a logo that quickly explained and communicated the professionalism and creativity New Marketing Labs exudes daily. There were many options to choose from but together we developed a logo that was easily identifiable and didn’t fall into the “Web 2.0” category, which is fatiguing the industry. As we began development on the website we felt a need to add more science elements into the design but didn’t want it overbearing and confusing for the user to know what the company does. We added the double helix in the header background to achieve this more technical aspect of the website to communicate that New Marketing Labs is a company that experiments but with exacting measurement and adjustment to achieve goals. Next, we designed large bold text statements to at the top of every page to immediately explain why the user is on the page. Our goal with the homepage was to provide a textured background to add depth due to the amount of information that needed to be communicated. New Marketing Labs desired a landing page that quickly explained who they are, what they do, who they work for, and what they’re doing now; we felt we were able to accomplish this effectively. New Marketing Labs’ goal was for users to quickly understand what the agency does and how they can help businesses in social media. Stand by for updates on the success of

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