Rediscover Your Business: Elevator Pitch

What We’re Talking About

So if you don’t feel like reading the rest of this article, I’ll get right to the point, have the right elevator pitch.

Moving On

For the rest of you, there are plenty of articles floating around the internet that have bountiful amounts of information about creating a flawless elevator pitch. This isn’t about the mechanics but the quality of the content.

Break It Down

One of the central ideas to referral or relationship marketing is getting the right people to refer the right business to you. In order for them to give you the right referrals, they need to know exactly what you do.

What do you do? How and under what conditions you will provide your product and/or service? How well do you do it? How are you better than your competitors?

Know Thyself

Most people think they know their business, I mean after all it is your business. But you might be surprised how time can disconnect us from our own business. Or maybe you know everything about your business but are you communicating it effectively. If you can’t tell your potential sources what you do effectively then how are they going to be able to send you the perfect referrals?

Give The Pedigree Information

Why are you in business?

What do you sell?

Who are your customers?

How well do you compete?

This information is not only incredibly important to have answers to but you must be ready to dispense it at a moments notice. You don’t necessarily have to tell someone all of this information after you tell them your name but having an answer to a question is a lot more impressive than a blank stare or pregnant pause.

Real Life

Put it all together and practice saying it to someone, actually, practice telling multiple people. You should also practice your elevator pitch to an asshole. They’ll keep you on your toes, they’ll help you change and adapt at a moments notice.

Photo Credit – Marco Wessel

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